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bum, bum it bum it bum it

well bum jon and bum dayve were bummin it up saturday nite drinkin and smoking cigars and we made a few more commandments. so bum jon is gonna havta add those to the site tomorrow night, as well as the first chapter of the bumble.

in bum news.....i must update on the condition of another fellow bum. pepper. he was shot and killed on the wyandotte railroad tracks last week, and this event saddens me greatly. as well as the rest of the bum community. so look for a tribute to pepper on the site soon too.

r.i.p. pepper

these bum killers are gonna fucking pay.

bum jon signing out.
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ha ha, the flannel background is the funniest thing ever.
do not panic
this is the bum killer
i have a army for u fools
we have george clooney
if u see him on tv thats his twin
dont try to look for him or we will be forced to use the bum killer 5000 on him
he will die
we hate bums